Collaborative Research with Data Analysis – Three Companies including LDI Assess the Outcome of Cancer Patients

2020年12月22日 (火)

Life Data Initiative (LDI), NTT DATA Corporation, and Pfizer Inc. made an announcement on the December 14th that the three would analyze medical big data including electronic medical record information and advance the research on the methodology to assess clinical outcome of cancer patients. The three entered a contract which aimed to provide anonymously processed medical information based on the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act, and they will make beneficial use of research findings for the development of personalized medicine, early development of pharmaceuticals, and so forth.

In the collaborative research, they will examine a method to acquire electronic medical record information, which contains a lot of text data such as medical records kept by doctors, as data which assist in assessing clinical outcome. Moreover, they will address the developments of a method and an algorithm which produce clinical outcome regarding effect and safety of treatment from electronic medical record information. In addition, they will confirm whether the information necessary for implementation of analysis can be acquired from databases containing facility information all over Japan.

Last year, LDI and NTT DATA Corporation have been certified by the country as Certified Producers of Anonymized Medical Data and Enterprises Certified for Entrustment with Handling Medical and Related Information and Anonymized Medical Data, respectively. They are promoting the construction of medical big data including electronic medical record information and utilization of anonymously processed medical big data for research.

Receipt data and DPC survey data have been utilized as medical big data for some time, but the information to be acquired was limited. By utilizing electronic medical record data including medical records, it is expected that even the analysis of treatment effect and safety can be achieved.

However, since there is no standardized description method for electronic medical records, it is recorded with different expressions depending on the medical professional, and construction of methodology such as the development of new algorithms has been deemed necessary for utilization. The three have agreed to address research aimed for the solution.

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