【Japan Council for Quality Health Care】More than 140,000 HIYARI HAT cases (near-miss accidents) doubled from the previous year, the highest number ever.

2020年10月02日 (金)

On September 29th, the Japan Council for Quality Health Care announced that the cumulative results of HIYARI HAT cases in pharmacies for 2019. The number of reports was 144,848 which was the highest record and doubled from 79,973 in the previous year. Among these, 113,144 cases related to prescribing errors issued by medical institutions based on prescription questions in pharmacies. Besides, the percentage of all cases of HIYARI HAT was 78.1%. Both numbers are the highest record ever. As of last year, Japan Council for Quality Health Care analyzed that this was affected by establishment of new regional support system addition in the Revision of Medical reimbursement Fee of FY2018.

Looking at the breakdown of HIYARI HAT cases reported in the last year, the number of cases related to prescription questions increased by 62,114 from the previous year to 113,144 which was the highest record. The percentage of all HIYARI HAT cases also increased from 63.8% to 78.1% during the last year.

The organization analyzes that 「This was affected by “Reports by Action Plan Examination Project for achieving a Pharmacy Vision for Patients” and ”Establishment of New regional support system addition in the Revision of Medical Reimbursement Fee of FY2018”」.

In 2020, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is predicted to affect the number of cases. However, the outlook indicates that “It will not be significantly affected, and the same trend will continue.”

Under the item related to prescription questions, for question about the effect of taking it as prescribed before the change provisionally, there were 80,819 (71.4% of the number of questions asked) reports of “Patients are presumed to have health problems.”, and 32,325 cases (28.6%) reports of “It does not interfere patient’s health, but it is presumed that the drug effect was not obtained”. Regarding these changes, there were 36,751 drug changes, 36,494 drug deletions, and 20,454 dose changes.

On the other hand, the number of cases related to dispensing errors increased by 2,772 from the previous year to 31,487. Due to the rapid increase in prescribing errors based on prescription questions, the total number of cases decreased by 14.2% to 21.7%.

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