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Yakuji Nippo LinkSquare provides the up-to-date information for professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Japan. It introduces various companies outside Japan, as well as their products, which brings excellent technologies and services to the Japanese market.
Other various information such as the latest trends on the global market will be released in future.

Featured companies

Best Solutions to Logistics System

Innovation thru Energy Co.,Ltd.


We can contribute to the pharmaceutical industry that requires strict temperature management, for example, medicine or organ transportation. It can be achieved by setting the specific temperature in Ice Battery for each purpose. It is possible to deliver products at different temperature and different quantity. Ice Battery maintains a constant temperature for up to 72 hours.

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Bachem world’s leading manufacturer of APIs expand Asia business

Bachem Japan K.K.


Bachem is the world´s leading independent manufacturer of peptide active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and a well established manufacturer of small molecules APIs. Each year, Bachem manufactures hundreds of batches of drug substances for projects in clinical trials and for products on the market.

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Rich experience in developing service business for Chinese authorities

DeltaMed Co.,Ltd.

DeltaMed Co.,Ltd. (DeltaMed) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO),headquartered in China with multiple location offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Beijing and Nanjing which specializing in providing a full range of international standard services for global biopharmaceuticals and medical device corporation. Our current business covers international standard pharmacovigilance, medical writing and medical monitoring.

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The best partner of global biological drug development companies

Mycenax Biotech Inc.

Mycenax Biotech Inc. creates comprehensive, better and faster approaches to accelerate the delivery of biopharmaceutical solutions globally.

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Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients 2018

The English version of JPE has the made a major revision since 2004, which provides the complete translation of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients 2018 (MHLW Pharmaceutical Safety and Environmental Health Bureau Notification No. 0329-1, March 29, 2018).
It carries 489 articles which includes 5 articles newly listed, 25 articles partly revised and 4 components in 8 articles integrated.

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