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We propose the most suitable plan for advertising our newspaper, THE YAKUJI NIPPO (Pharmaceutical News) to suit your business needs.

1. Advertisement for THE YAKUJI NIPPO

We offer a suitable plan for advertising according to your needs and demands on periods and budgets, etc.
Advertising rate may be discounted when several ads are ordered in a certain period.

2. Advertisement for the Special Issue of THE YAKUJI NIPPO

The special issue of THE YAKUJI NIPPO features on the up-to-date, various topics in the pharmaceutical industry. It increases impact on your ads.
The Special Issues are delivered at the Annual Meetings of Academies and/or Societies. We can also offer a tie-up advertising for such meetings.
The followings are the recent themes of the special issues:

Examples of Topics on the Special Issue

Quarterly Issues
  • Issued quarterly focused on the up-to-date issues in the industry.
Healthcare Products
  • Drugs for cold, pollen allergy and stomach ache, etc.
  • Kampo Products
  • Health Foods
  • Products for Nursing Care
Drug Developments
  • Nonclinical CROs
  • CROs and SMOs
  • CRCs and Clinical Studies
Drug Manufacturing
  • APIs
  • Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • Outsourcing of Drug Manufacturing
Pharmacists and Pharmacies
  • Family Pharmacists and Pharmacies
  • Skill up and Continued Learning of Pharmacists
  • Innovating Pharmacy Practices
Academies and Events
  • Japan Drugstore Show
  • Interphex Japan
  • Annual Meetings of Japan Pharmacists Association, Japan Society for Oriental Medicine and the Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, etc.

Note: The contents and release date may change without notice. Other special issues on various topics are also available.

3. Editorial advertising

THE YAKUJI NIPPO can offer an editorial advertising, providing contents to meet your business needs, etc.


For details on the advertising on THE YAKUJI NIPPO, please contact us using the form below.

Inquiry form for advertising on THE YAKUJI NIPPO

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